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Application open for NUPS programmes in English

The National University of Public Service continues to welcome international students coming from all over the world to study at one of Central Europe’s most dynamically developing higher education institutions. The upcoming academic year is considered special in this regard, as NUPS launches its MA in International Public Service Relations while keeping the doors of Doctoral Schools open to international students.

The new MA in International Public Service Relations is an English language programme targeted specifically at an international audience interested in current and relevant issues of international relations. The aim of the programme is to train experts capable of undertaking duties at international and EU institutions and agencies, in the administration of foreign affairs, defence policy and law enforcement as well as in the international departments of NGOs or business entities.

Upon successful completion, the three semester programme provides a Master of Arts degree (90 ECTS) along with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary international affairs as well as the tools required for critical analyses of global and international policy issues. The programme is open for Hungarian and international students and public servants alike.

To ensure the training’s standard of excellence, every applicant has to meet the same criteria: be a proficient user of English or any official language of the United Nations (C1 “Proficient user” according to the CEFR) and – as a minimum requirement – possess an appropriate BA/BSc degree or the verification of completing at least 180 ECTS credits. Participation and enrolment will be preceded by testing the applicants’ language skills and competences.

Applications are open for the programme to start in the autumn semester of 2016/2017.

Similarly, the Doctoral School of Public Administration Sciences, the Doctoral School of Military Sciences and the Doctoral School of Military Engineering respectively remain open to international applications as well. Students interested in conducting research in the following areas are encouraged to apply:

Doctoral School of Public Administration Studies

  • Public Law and Public Administration
  • State and Society
  • Public Management
  • State and Economics
  • Public Administration in the International and European Context
  • Human Resources

Doctoral School of Military Studies

  • Security Studies
  • Sociological Issues of Defence
  • General Theory of Military Science
  • Theory of Defense Management
  • Theory of Military Arts
  • Defence Logistics and Defence Economy
  • National Security and Law Enforcement
  • Defence Informatics and Communication Theory

Doctoral School of Military Engineering

  • Military Engineering Infrastructures
  • Military Technology and Robotics
  • Defence Electronics and ICT
  • Environmental Security and Disaster Management
  • Military Logistics and Defence Economy
  • Security Technology
  • Defence Management

Each programme has its respective tuition fee, however, both MA in International Public service Relations and all PhD programmes are available through the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme announced by the Hungarian Government. Applicants eligible for a Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship can apply through the official website (  according to the given requirements.

Further information about the offered degree programmes is available under the "Study" menu of our website.

PhD at NUPS – Call for Application

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The Rector of the University of Public Service invites applications for PhD program this year as well. The PhD training at NUPS represents the highest level of the linear education system divided into several cycles, and focuses mainly on training specialists in the field of public administration, national defence and law enforcement, prepares for gaining a scientific degree, and in a wider sense, it contributes to the education of a new generation of the scientific elite.

According to the law CCIV of the year 2011 on the national higher education and the existing qualification of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, the National University of Public Service is eligible to organize doctoral trainings and conduct the related doctoral degree award procedure. The University possess independent accredited doctoral schools in the fields of military sciences, military engineering sciences, and public administration sciences.

The aims, documents and the main data of the core members and professors of the Doctoral Schools of Military Sciences, Military Engineering and Public Administration Sciences can be viewed on the website of the Hungarian Doctoral Council. (

Prof. Dr. habil András Patyi


More details are available at the University Academic Organizational Centre:

Noémi Ritter


Doctoral Regulation of the National University of Public Service:

Application deadline: 30 July 2015