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American delegation at NUPS

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The delegation of the University of North Georgia (UNG) paid a two-day visit at the National University of Public Service. The representatives were welcomed today by Prof. Dr. András Patyi Rector of NUPS who applauded the opportunity of future cooperation between the two institutions.

After introducing the university, Prof. Dr. András Patyi emphasized the importance of state science, security studies and public administration studies while also reminding that nowadays the importance of military sciences is not sufficiently acknowledged. He pointed out that the military and military sciences are extremely complex areas, since soldiers not only have to deal with strictly military matters. For example, the thorough knowledge of the state and society is vital for the soldiers’ contribution to the re-organization of a state in missions.

Dr. (Col. Ret.) Billy E. Wells, Senior Vice President for Leadership and Global Engagement at UNG reminded that the American delegation is thankful for the opportunity to contact NUPS. He noted that UNG lays great emphasis on international cooperation and the process of internationalization which is especially true in the case of East-central European relations. The institution pays great attention to foreign language courses in various European languages available to cadets. He added that their intention is to initiate a student and faculty exchange programme within the following years, and that Hungary’s historical past and geopolitical situation provides a unique opportunity for American students to become acquainted with East-central Europe.

The University of North Georgia is a state university that has 5 campuses and provides several programmes at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. These programmes include inter alia Master programmes dealing with history, public administration and international affairs. Furthermore, UNG includes the Military College of Georgia as well which is responsible for the training of cadets. The contact between NUPS an UNG was established this summer when representatives of the two institutions met at the International Military Academy Forum.

The delegation of the University of North Georgia will continue their discussions with members of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training and the Faculty of International and European Studies.