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UNG’s Rector visits NUPS

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Dr. Bonita Jacobs, Rector of the University of North Georgia (UNG) visited the National University of Public Service on 27 June 2017. As known, the two institutes signed a partnership agreement in May 2017. The purpose of this meeting in Budapest was to further discuss steps of implementation of the agreement.

Other participants of the event were Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector; Prof. Dr. József Padányi, Eng. Major General, Vice-Rector for Science; Dr. Gábor Kovács, Pol. Brigadier General, Vice-Rector for Education; Dr. Judit Nagy, Pol.Col., Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Prof. Dr. Norbert Kis, Dean of Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Public Administration. After the strategic meeting in the morning with the leadership of the university, Bonita Jacobs had a tour around the Ludovika Campus where she visited the newly-built educational units and the Ludovika Main building. Later, she negotiated with the management of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training regarding the extension of the agreement.

The relation between the two institutes has begun in October 2015 when the representatives of UNG first visited our university. At that time they initiated the signing of a bilateral partnership agreement in respect of civilian student and officer cadet exchanges and internship programmes. Subsequently, during another visit in autumn 2016 in Hungary, the American and Hungarian parties agreed on new possibilities for cooperating in cybersecurity and defense. The continuous implementation of this cooperation was also supported by the Fulbright scolarship program earned by Csaba Bakos Lieutenant Colonel, instructor at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training. Within the framework of this programme, he is performing research and educational activities at the American partner institute until July 2017.  As part of the agreement, both institutes encourage its students to participate in summer universities and internship possibilities. They provide research, educationl, student mobility opportunities for each other. In May 2017 two American cadets have arrived to the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training for a two months period. They shared their personal experiences with the Management during a lunch together. To maintain reciprocity, two students from NUPS will travel to UNG and they will spend five weeks there. Also, in September 2017 another student from UNG will arrive who is going to spend a nine-week-long internship at the International Relations Office. 

The UNG was founded in January 2013. However taking its predecessors into account, it is a higher education institution with a history dating back to 1873. It is one of the 6 federally designated senior military colleges in the USA. Similarly to NUPS, UNG was also established after the merger of five independent, separate institutes. UNG includes civilian (approx. 80%, 1100 persons) and officer cadets as well (approx. 750 persons in the brigade). It offers a broad range of academic programs with more than 50 undergraduate areas (such as International Affairs, Political Sciene, Marketing, Communication) and around 15 Master programs including Master of Science with a major in Criminal Justice, Master of Public Administration. The cadets are eligible for the undergraduate programs therefore all students graduating in the military studies will have one or two other civilian degree certificate(s), which enhance(s) their competitiveness in the labor market. Several generals of the US Army graduated from the institution. The planning of Degrees and Programs is characterized by comprehensive approach from two aspects: On one hand, the institute offers a parallel educational program both in military and civilian area. Besides that, students need to spend at least a half year in any of the foreign partner institutions. The university is also exemplary in terms of training plans as well as for the coexistence of civilian and professional values and culture.

The Rector of the National University of Public Service has recently announced a tender for its professors and researchers entitled as „Good Governance Knowledge Transfer Program NUPS – USA”  The aim of the application is to promote the research and training experience of selected researchers within an American partner university of NUPS durnig the 2017/2018 academic year and to use this experience to further enhance the training and public service programs at NUPS. The winners can spend four to six months in one of the partner institutes of NUPS in the USA, such as the University of North Georgia.