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H.E. Iain Lindsay as special guest of the Ludovika Ambassador Forum

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„Great-Britain is not turning its back on Europe and Hungary.” This was the main conclusion of the last event of the Ludovika Ambassador’s Forum series, the special guest of which was H.E. Iain Lindsay, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary.

The last event of 12 October is considered to be a special one for many reasons. First of all, it took place in the Chapel of the Ludovika building due to the great interest, secondly, it was opened by Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of the University. Mr János Bóka, Vide-Dean for Education at the Faculty of International and European Studies, took the role of the moderator and introduced the special guest of the Forum. Further increasing the uniqueness of the event, Mr Lindsay greeted the guests in Hungarian language, furthermore he honoured the audience with a Hungarian introduction of the current Forum’s topic.

The presence of His Excellency was determined by those significant events that occurred during the past few months in the United Kingdom, namely the referendum taking place on 23 June about the country’s EU membership that resulted in an overall vote to leave the European Union. The result of the referendum has shaken the governments and public opinion of the European states and third countries as well. The so called Brexit already took its economic and political effects right after the vote, however the consequences are going to be remarkable after the two-year-long series of negotiations and the closure of the withdrawal procedure.

Since the abovementioned situation was accompanied by a great attention in Hungary as well, the visit of Mr Lindsay to the National University of Public Service enjoyed a great interest.  As Mr Patyi mentioned in his opening remarks, the audience had a chance to get first-hand insight into this complex political issue. Accordingly, the details of the referendum, the viewpoints of the different groups of the society, as well as the presence and future of the United Kingdom and its relationship with European countries and international organisations were discussed during the Forum.

The opening speech of His Excellency was followed by a round table discussion with Prof. Dr. Gergely Egedy, professor of the University and Márton Ugrósdy, researcher of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Ludovika Ambassador Forum series will continue with the Russian Federation as the special guest represented by H. E. Szergejev Vlagyimir Nikolájevics.