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Global Minority Rights Summer School - For the Third Time

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This year’s Global Minority Rights Summer School is organized jointly by the National University of Public Service and Tom Lantos Institute, in cooperation with Middlesex University and is held in Budapest between 20 and 26 July. The third round of the international summer school focuses on “The Impact of Boundary Politics on Identity and Inequality One Hundred Years after the First World War”.

During the opening session of the summer school the members of the organizing board of the summer school, Dr. Anna-Mária Biró, Director of Tom Lantos Institute in Budapest, Professor Joshua Castellino, Dean of the School of Law at the Middlesex University, and Dr. Balázs Vizi, associate professor at NUPS welcomed the participants and introduced the concept and schedule of this year’s summer school.

Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs at NUPS, expressed the university’s interest in supporting not only Hungarian but all other nations and cultures as well. The National University of Public Service is an ideal institution in this regard, with its main focus on serving the public good in general. He highlighted the role of Hungary and the European nations towards the current challenges, more specifically the migration and cross-border challenges that might bring new concerns for our nations and governments.

The 30 participants of the summer school briefly introduced their own field of research and interest. Most of the students are graduates in political science, social science, religion, history, human rights, minority and ethnicity with the main focus on human rights and minority issues in different regions, including Asia, Eastern and Central Europe, North America and the Middle East. The diversity of the group of participants in discipline and geography will give a chance for a better understanding of human rights and identity politics to the participants.

In essence, the programme provides important information on the international minority protection regime that is the norms, institutions, and mechanisms. The programme emphasizes the role of civil society and individuals in every single community in minimizing differences and building bridges for drawing a multi-disciplinary approach that creates a society for all, regardless of differences.

The summer school offers highly interesting lectures and discussions with qualified experts and practitioners who are specialized in different concepts and concerns about minority problems in different regions. Among others, the lecturers include Jennifer Jackson-Preece from London School of Economics and Political Science, Zaid Eyadat from the University of Jordan, Tove Malloy from the European Centre for Minority Issues and Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of the Equal Rights Trust in London. As part of the summer school, the participant will have a field trip to Komárno, Slovakia to learn about the situation of Hungarians in Slovakia.

For more information please visit the website of the summer school: