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Erasmus+ Success: A Strategic Partnership in Military Education

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The Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training at NUPS was among the successful competitors to establish strategic partnership with other military higher education institutions in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. Preparations are already underway with the first transnational meeting held between 9-11 December in Wroclaw, Poland.

Through the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, NUPS is a member of an international consortium which is led by the Tadeusz Kościuszko Military Academy of Land Forces (Wroclaw, Poland) and includes the Theresan Military Academy (Wiener Neustadt, Austria), the University of Defence (Brno, Czech Republic) and the “Nicolae Balcescu” Land Forces Academy (Sibiu, Romania).

The participants’ joint project titled “Creating International Semester regarding Military Education Needs for Future Officers in Europe” is primarily aimed at boosting mobility particularly between military academies and higher education institutions within the EU. This would help cadets to gain additional skills and experience in an international environment while visiting partner institutions abroad.

Moreover, the project can advance the establishment of guidelines for coherent programmes in military education within the European Union. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish an international mobility semester among military higher education institutions thereby allowing cadets to study abroad without the additional obligation of passing programme differences.

The project of the consortium was accepted by the Polish National Agency of Erasmus+ Programme and received nearly EUR 220,000 support and is to be realized in 24 months until October 2017. The negotiations with consortium partners are already on their way. Accordingly, the project includes transnational project meetings (workshops) between members of the project management team in order to develop educational materials, and so-called multiplier events (such as conferences) where ideas on the international semester can be presented.