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Embassy of the State of Israel welcomes students of NUPS

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Students of the Faculty of Public Administration and the Faculty of International and European Studies now have the opportunity to spend their internship at the Embassy of the State of Israel in Budapest, in accordance with the agreement signed by His Excellency Ilan Mor, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Budapest and Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of NUPS on 22 January 2016.

The Embassy selects the students to be hired as interns up to three months during which time the participating students can develop their relevant competences as employees, gain practical know-how in their work and enhance their personal networks and cooperation skills. Each year 12 students of NUPS can participate in the Embassy’s internship programme which offers the necessary logistical and personnel requirements for their work as well as the latter’s evaluation. According to the agreement, an internship lasting for more than 6 contiguous weeks is to be remunerated by the university.

Professor Patyi reminded that the agreement has led the already several years old cooperation between the Embassy and NUPS to another remarkable milestone: “The agreement may seem to be of minor importance, however, this is not the case”, he said adding that “In addition to the fact that the international and cultural cooperation between Hungary and the State of Israel flourishes, this agreement has raised the unique opportunity for our students to increase their international knowledge and to gain practical knowledge under the guidance of experienced diplomats.”

His Excellency Ilan Mor noted that “the Embassy of the State of Israel is proud of the agreement signed with the National University of Public Service and providing the frameworks within which talented students can learn how to be appropriate public service officials. In this regard, there is no better international and cross-cultural opportunity for a student than to gain valuable work experience in the field of diplomacy.” The Ambassador also highlighted that the goal of the internship programme of the Embassy and NUPS is to provide a view of Israel to Hungarian students through the Embassy’s diplomatic activity. Throughout the programme, interns become acquainted with the young, modern and pluralist country. “We hope that this international internship will contribute to students gaining competitive advantage in order to achieve their career goals” – added H.E. Ilan Mor.