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Formation of the Ludovika Hussar Squadron

    • megalakult a ludovika huszar diszszakasz 680 451 s

The Ludovika Hussar Squadron (LHS) was founded by the Sport Association of the National University of Public Service during the Ludovika Festival.

Two occasions explain the foundation of the Squadron. Firstly, the establishment commemorates the 100th anniversary of the First World War that demanded a huge sacrifice in Hungarian lives and through the heroic acts of Hungarian armed forces. Secondly, the University recently moved back to the historical building of Royal Hungarian Academy of Ludovika which used to host the traditional education and training of military officers in the last century. The LHS is wearing the uniform and the weaponry of the 1st Budapest Military Hussar Regiment from 1914. The flag of the Squadron is identical with the flag of Ludovika from 1901 and serves as a memorial flag.

The deed of foundation of LHS was given by dr. András Levente Gál, Honorary Citizen of NUPS and Founder of Ludovika Hussar Squadron to Dr. Gábor Kovács, Vice-Rector for Education at NUPS and President of Sport Association of NUPS. The LHS memorial flag was handed over to Dr. Col. Tibor Horváth, Commander of LHS, for preservation.

Under the deed of foundation of LHS, the aim of the Squadron and its members is to be committed to maintaining the military and equestrian traditions of Ludovika, to contributing to the development and the reputation of the National University of Public Service with their appearance and behaviour as well as to the healthy self- and public esteem of the Hungarian youth who choose national defence, law enforcement or civil service career.

At the ceremony the members of the Squadron marched up on Shagya Arabian horses, a contribution of the Bábolna National Stud.