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Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika continues in the new academic year

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After its great success, the Ludovika Ambassador’s Forum continues in the new academic year. The first event was held on the 27th of September with H.E. Rastislav Káčer, ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia, as a special guest. On this occasion challenges and opportunities to the future of Europe, a particularly timely issue, served as the main topic of the Forum. In accordance with the traditions, special analysts were also invited to share their opinion and thoughts on the topic in an informal way. This time Dr. Sarka Cabada Waisova, associate professor of the University of West Bohemia and International Chair of the National University of Public Service and Dániel Bartha, Director of the Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy contributed to the event, while NUPS was also represented by János Bóka, Vice-Dean for Education at the Faculty of International and European Studies.

His Excellency has been building his career in the field of security policy and strategy since 1992, however, he is also an expert on transatlantic cooperation. In his opening speech, H.E. Rastislav Káčer addressed issues influencing the future of Europe with an emphasis on the major differences between the United States and Europe. The special guest of the Forum and the invited analysts agreed that the present and future of Europe is shaped by its war-torn history, as well as the significant diversity existing within the continent. Nevertheless, the successfulness of European integration was not a question, in spite of the fact that the analysts also agreed that Europe is currently in crisis. The European people are divided by the migration crisis, there is a gap between reality and perception while the media continues to influence the population.

During the discussion the role of the elite in shaping politics and history itself were mentioned and also questions about the composition and role of the elite of our times. The guests of the roundtable discussion also agreed that both the institutions and the security of Europe is shaken and the current situation needs to be analysed and dealt with.

The participants raised many questions resulting in further discussions about migration and its management, while it was also questioned whether the region serves as a bridge between West and East.

The following guest of the Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika is going to be H.E. Iain Lindsay, ambassador of the United Kingdom accredited to Hungary.

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