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Rover 2017

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Rover 2017 - Joint Public Service Exercise

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About a thousand students of NUPS participated in “Rover 2017”, the two-day-long joint public service exercise where the participants gained experience in handling emergency situations caused by mass migration.

Since 2013, the National University of Public Service organizes a joint public service exercise on a yearly basis to allow students to practice different emergency situations and leadership skills during these events. In the past years, participants were simulating situations such as flood, unexpected armed attacks, and natural disasters caused by ice storms. This year the Exercise was to manage on three locations (campuses on the Hungaria körút and at Ludovika; Csobánka Exercise- and Training Base) an emergency situation caused by mass migration. According to the Vice-Rector for Education, Dr. Gábor Kovács all service branches were represented this year including police, defence forces and public administration. He added that in addition to the lecturers and students of NUPS, numerous Hungarian and international partner institutes participated in organization of “Rover 2017”. The manager of the Exercise added that this event was more than a simple class since almost one thousand NUPS students participated in this two-day-long Exercise and cooperated in several tasks.

The majority of the students (300 participants) came from the Faculty of Law Enforcement. “This Exercise gave a good opportunity for Law Enforcement students to acquire management skills.” - accentuated Dr. János Varga.

“Among the participants, there were 77 defence force cadets, 33 Master level students and 28 lecturers from the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training.” - said Lt. Col. Tibor Horváth during the press conference. He added that their students actively participated in several elements of the Exercise including peacekeeping activities at the Csobánka Exercise- and Training Base.

Students from the Institute of Disaster Management practiced civil defence tasks during these two days. The 150 students and 18 lecturers simulated the preparation of migrant reception places, the organization of medical tasks and logistics.

During “Rover 2017” civilans also played an active role. The 64 participants from the Faculty of International and European Studies were working on the preparation of strategic decisions. They executed certain diplomatic tasks and they were also involved in negotiations and reporting. “It is key that our students learn how to communicate with each other, represent a position during negotiations, draft reports and manage press affairs.” - said Viktor Marsai. During the two days event, the 250 students from the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration represented the civil sector in almost sixty areas. - said Dr. Lajos Hülvely.

Some elements of NUPS’ Joint Public Service Exercise are ensured by the KÖFOP 2.1.2 “Public Service Development Establishing Good Governance" project.