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Hungarian-Chinese consultation on international security

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A high-ranking military delegation visited NUPS from the People’s Republic of China on 25 October 2016. The delegation, led by Rear Admiral Li Ji, Deputy Chief of the Foreign Affairs Office at the Ministry of National Defence, was welcomed by Prof. Dr. Gen. (Ret) Zoltán Szenes, university professor at the Faculty of International Security Studies, Dr. Sándor P. Szabó, Director of the Chinese Public Administration, Economy and Society Research Centre, and Tamás Csiki and Béla Háda, research fellows of the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies.

The Chinese guests received a briefing on the profile and tasks of the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies, the security related researches at NUPS, followed by an informal discussion on contemporary international security issues. While the hosts outlined the main security issues and correlations concerning Europe, the Chinese delegation reviewed the security situation in Southeast Asia. The guests were particularly interested in the security challenges and risks regarding NATO and Europe, specifically the relationship between NATO and Russia and the migration crisis.

Rear Admiral Li informed the Hungarian participants on the security developments concerning the South China Sea and the Chinese position in this issue. The Rear Admiral specifically mentioned the Chinese military reform initiated last year, the first phase of which (namely, the transformation of high level leadership and control) is already concluded. This year marks the beginning of the troop structure’s reform, which will be followed by the review of the support systems in 2017. Regarding the transformation of the military higher education system, the Chinese leadership would also welcome the Hungarian experiences.

High ranking Chinese representatives at NUPS

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A high ranking Chinese delegation visited the National University of Public Service on 27 September 2016. The guests, who visited Hungary for the first time, were led by Col. Zhu Mingzhe, Political Commissar of the Second Military Medical University, and were accompanied by Col. Gao Riyu, Deputy Military Attaché of the People’s Republic of China to Budapest.

The delegation represented various Chinese institutions, including the Second Military Medical University, the Military Economics Academy, the Bureau of Secrecy and Archives and the Office for International Military Cooperation (within the Central Military Commission), the National Defence University, the Air Force Engineering University.

The delegation was welcomed by Prof. Dr. József Padányi, Vice-Rector for Research at NUPS, Prof. Dr. Sándor P. Szabó, Director of the Research Centre for Chinese Public Administration, Society and Economics, as well as by representatives from the Centre for Strategic and Defence Studies, the Faculty of Military Sciences, the Faculty of International and European Studies, and the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit to Hungary, organized by the Ministry of Defence, was to become acquainted with the institutions involved in the training and education of members and staff within the Hungarian Armed Forces, and to finds areas for possible cooperation in this regard. Colonel Zhu Mingzhe reminded that the two countries have established diplomatic relations for 67 years and their relationship has passed several tests. Regarding the cooperation in training, he also pointed out that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army currently has 32 units where international personnel can be trained, and that there are nearly 3000 international personnel trained annually through these units.

After having reviewed NUPS and its relevant bodies, and having become more acquainted with the Chinese delegation’s position, Prof. Dr. József Padányi indicated that there are several possible areas for cooperation, for which the institutional frameworks are provided, as NUPS has already signed a MoU with the National Defence University. Nevertheless, he emphasized that nothing can substitute inter-personal relations, thus the mutual visit of students and lecturers should be promoted. He reminded that the doors of NUPS remain open in this regard, while Colonel Zhu Mingzhe also indicated their openness for cooperation with the Hungarian side.

High ranking Chinese military delegation at NUPS

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The delegation of the class of strategic studies of the National Defence University (People’s Republic of China) led by Lieutenant General Hu Xiutang visited the National University of Public Service as part of their European visit on 8 June 2016.

The members of the delegation were briefed about the overall mission of the National University of Public Service, the military officer training at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training as well as the Military General Staff Training Centre. Furthermore, the guests gained insight into the activities of the Centre for Strategic and defence Studies and the Research Centre for Chinese Society and Economics.

Lieutenant General Hu Xiutang appreciated the reception and reminded that the Chinese partner of NUPS is devoted to enhancing the bilateral cooperation.