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Jean Monnet Module from autumn 2015 at NUPS

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The European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency (EACEA) has selected NUPS’ project titled “Jean Monnet Module for European Public Policy” for funding. Accordingly, the Faculty of International and European Studies at NUPS initiates a Jean Monnet Module as of autumn 2015 organised by the Department of European Studies.

The EACEA received altogether 611 applications from all over Europe and has selected 129 projects for funding, including the university’s “Jean Monnet Module for European Public Policy”. This is a superb achievement for NUPS, as it allows the institution to join the Jean Monnet Network – one of the crucial international bases of the discipline “European Studies”.

The Jean Monnet Module is scheduled for three years 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018) and provides a framework for two Master’s level interdisciplinary courses in English at the Faculty of International and European Studies but will be available for students studying at faculties of NUPS as well.

The Module, led by Dr. Boglárka Koller Head of the Department of European Studies in co-operation with Dr. AttilaMarján and Dr. András Türke, also includes a workshop titled “European Public Policy Entrepreneurship” aimed at students of NUPS, public administration officials and junior experts, focusing on the policy processes of the European Union. The courses of the Module are intended to be practical with the participants being motivated for individual and team project work and for innovative solutions in oral and written tasks.

Furthermore, the Module offers a biannual open lecture for a wider professional audience, established a microsite and includes the continuous publication of the results in peer-reviewed journals and books.

The list of all applications selected for funding is available here.