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Hungarian-Chinese Workshop at NUPS

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The National University of Public Service (NUPS) has reached another milestone in dynamically building its relations in Asia: the Ludovika Campus of NUPS hosted the joint workshop of Minzu University of China (MUC) and NUPS between the 5-8th of May under the project “Knowledge-based public service advancement” within the State Reform Operative Programme 2.2.21.

The discussions within the workshop contribute to the development of foreign language programmes at NUPS along with the international experiences of both lecturers and students. The event focused on the analysis of public administration reforms in Hungary and the People’s Republic of China. Participants could discuss the nation-specific innovative solutions in the field of human resources, local administration, territorial organization, anti-corruption and minority policy. The findings will be incorporated in the curricula’s development process, however, the workshop was also a great opportunity for lecturers and PhD students of NUPS to display their scientific research and create long-term professional relations.

Professor Li Junqing, Dean of School of Management at MUC reminded that one of the aims of this workshop was to provide a forum for the exchange of experiences among public administration experts from both countries. He added that the respective public administrations of Hungary and the People’s Republic of China have distinctive features and that this event provided an opportunity for learning from each-other. The Dean noted that this was not his first visit to Hungary and NUPS, as he already participated in a project last November in our university and got acquainted with the Hungarian capital which he recalled as a great experience.

The reform of Chinese local governments was displayed by Professor Zhiren Zhou who highlighted the structure of the multi-level Chinese system and reviewed possibilities and room for various developments of local governments provided by Chinese law. As Professor Zhiren pointed out, the Chinese public administration reform was initiated from top to bottom with economic development in the forefront, hence local governments have become the primary entrepreneurs in their respective regions. Nowadays, local governments tend to develop in the field of services, the Professor added. He reiterated that such workshops are important, as participants can learn from each-other.

Cooperation between NUPS and MUC started two years ago when Prof. Dr. Chen Li, Rector of Minzu University of China visited the National University of Public Service in May 2012. One of the ideas and proposals for cooperation at that time was a series of academic conferences held at MUC and NUPS in rotation. Professor Chen Li’s visit was followed by the trip of the delegation led by Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of NUPS to Beijing in October 2013 when representatives of both institutions signed a agreement for cooperation.

Photo by Dénes Szilágyi