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MGIMO Delegation Visit at NUPS

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A delegation from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) visited the National University of Public Service (NUPS) between 24 and 27 May 2017.

The delegation was led by Dr. Vladimir Mikhailovich Morozov, Vice-Rector for Human Resources, and included Dr. Alexei Dmitriyevich Voskressenski, dean of the School of Political Affairs, professor of Comparative Asian Studies at the School of International Relations, and founding editor-in-chief of “Comparative Politics Russia” as well as Dr. Igor Okunev and Dr. Ekaterina Koldunova, both deputy deans at the School of Political Affairs.

MGIMO is one of the world’s most prestigious higher educational institutions, deservedly called by Henry Kissinger the “Harvard of Russia”. The purpose of the visit was to initiate a new stage in the relationship of the two universities building on the results of a delegation visit led by the Rector of NUPS last year.

The delegation participated in a full-day workshop on 25 May, the morning session being devoted to transregionalism and the afternoon session focusing on new trends in teaching international relations.

During the visit, the parties agreed on the main areas of future cooperation in education, research and publication, and also decided to pursue a number of specific activities to turn cooperation into reality.