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Ludovika receives Constructors’ Niveau Prize

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The Ludovika Main Building was awarded with the Constructors’ Niveau Prize on 9 December 2015. The renowned acknowledgement was received by Dr. József Horváth Secretary-General of NUPS at this year’s final meeting of the National Federation of Hungarian Contractors.

The project, awarded with one of the greatest acknowledgements within the profession, was realized by the consortium of West Hungária Bau Ltd. and Épkar Ltd. in 2014. In addition to the prize, the acknowledgement is commemorated by a brass plate with bronze frames which will be placed at the main building next spring. The niveau prize was awarded to projects in various categories including public buildings, industrial and energetical establishments, environmental and water establishments, as well as the restoration and rehabilitation of monuments and historical buildings.

The former Ludovika Academy’s restoration took one year and was realized within the time and financial framework determined by the related contract. The main building’s renovation cost HUF 4.7 billion, and the establishment was officially handed over to NUPS on 31 March 2014 by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The building has been increasingly populated step by step since then and has been hosting the Faculty of International and European Studies as of this year.

In addition to the Ludovika Campus Main Building, 11 buildings were awarded with the Constructors’ Niveau Prize in 2015. The awarding committee focused on various aspects such as the quality of the engineering and technical implementation, the cost-efficiency of the project, and the quality of cooperation between the partners participating in the construction.