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Prime Minister inaugurates Ludovika Campus building

The newly restored main building of the Ludovika Campus was inaugurated on the 31st of March 2014. Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary handed over the symbolic key of the building to Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of the National University of Public Service (NUPS), calling the institution “a flagship of Hungarian higher education”.

prime minister speech

Prime Minister Orbán reminded that certain establishments are destined to serve a given purpose. After its opening in 1872, the Ludovika Military Academy became united with patriotic training and Hungarian virtue. In light of the Ludovika Campus’ tradition, we decided that the premises should be the home of the National University of Public Service – said the Prime Minister.

rector speech

Ludovika is the living Hungarian public service itself – said Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of NUPS, emphasizing that the new campus centre is not only the location but the symbol of renewal as well. Professor Patyi recalled that one of the University’s main challenges has been the lack of one central campus giving home to trainings that prepare students for the career in public service. The Rector assured everyone that the leaders and staff of the University will perform their tasks duly in order to be faithful to the past, proud of the present and worthy of the future.


The establishment of the former Ludovika Military Academy was decided by the Parliament in 1808. The institution opened its doors in 1872 and served as the centre for Hungarian military officer training until 1944. After World War II the facility’s future was uncertain which led to serious damages in the building. Hence, the premises regained its rightful role of importance by hosting the National University of Public Service.

pm cutting the ribbon

Whereas the reconstruction of the main campus building cost HUF 4.7 billion (EUR 15.31 million), the entire four year project has an estimated budget of HUF 38 billion (EUR 123.78 million) financed partly by the European Union. The main building – including the assembly hall, the Hallway of Heroes, the chapel, the central university library, the students’ hall and many modern classrooms and offices – is to be accompanied by dormitory buildings along with a new park, sport centre and indoor swimming pool open for the public.

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