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Kingdom of Thailand

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Guests from the Kingdom of Thailand

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The programmes and international profile of the National University of Public Service (NUPS) were the main topics at the meeting with members of the delegation from the Kingdom of Thailand who visited NUPS on the 10th of March.

The delegation of altogether 67 visitors was led by Rear Admiral Chaisinn Yardee RTN, Deputy Commandant of the Joint Staff College in the Kingdom of Thailand. Lecturers and students of the Joint Staff College inquired about the activities and programmes of NUPS and were welcomed by representatives of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, the General Staff Course, the Institute of International Studies and the International Relations Office.

Prof. Dr. László Kovács (col.) Vice-dean of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training provided a comprehensive view of the mission and the special role of the University and the programmes of the Faculty. In his presentation the Vice-dean highlighted the importance of co-operation between the different areas of public service which proves to be extremely practical in various cases such as flood defence.

Colonel Péter Balogh, Commanding Officer of the 23rd General Staff Course introduced the training programme of the course. The Colonel emphasised that the 11 month long course intends to provide an extensive knowledge for the participants who – apart from their two main study trips abroad –inter alia visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to receive firsthand briefings about the contemporary challenges and tasks of Hungarian foreign policy.

Members of the Thai delegation were primarily interested in the international aspect of NUPS’ programmes including the participation of foreign students and opportunities for scholarships. Representatives of NUPS reminded that both the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training and the General Staff Course have had participants from abroad including from the Federal Republic of Germany, the Italian Republic and the People’s Republic of China.

The international aspect of the University’s activity was displayed by Dr. Tamás Lattmann associate professor at the Institute of International Studies. In his presentation Dr. Lattmann highlighted the University’s to-be-launched International Relations in Public Service MA programme in English along with the education programmes related to military training and realised through the contribution of the Institute.