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Kosovo deserves EU membership

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A very much European year is behind us – said H.E. Hashim Thaci, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo in his speech held at the Assembly Hall of the Ludovika Campus of NUPS on 9 December 2015. In his presentation titled “Euro-Atlantic Efforts of Kosovo”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs reminded that 2015 not only marked the signature of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU but also border-agreements with Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania while negotiations are still in process with Serbia.

The diplomatic dialogue based on tolerance and cooperation shows that Kosovo’s place is indeed in the European Union – emphasized H.E. Hashim Thaci. He added that Kosovo would like to be regarded by the EU as any other country in the region, and for this is willing to make compromises. Although accession is a long process, the country has departed on the road to membership. Nevertheless, Kosovo views NATO as a partner as well, is a member of the international coalition combating ISIS, and actively fights against the spread of radical ideologies and terrorism.

Márton Schőberl, Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs and Trade analysed the situation of Kosovo and stated that integration is a sensitive issue even if Hungary supports Kosovo’s efforts regarding the EU. In his view, the various unresolved issues set back the countries on the Balkans and that the matter is more complicated than it seems at first sight.

Dr. Nobert Kis, Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs at NUPS emphasized the role of Kosovo regarding the issue of migration. Hashim Thaci said that although his country was a source of illegal migration, nowadays, the political situation is being settled with the intention to re-integrate the previously emigrated people into society as soon as possible. Regarding the illegal migration running through the country, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said a great attention is required. Kosovo dissociates from radical thoughts, while their active support can be punished by 5-15 years of prison in accordance with local laws.