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Faculty of Water Science is launched on 1st of February

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"NUPS’ wide range of academic programs expands further, as the water management programs of the Eötvös József College in Baja are added to NUPS' portfolio" - told Prof. Dr. András Patyi, rector of NUPS, in an interview. He also explained that most of the work in the Ludovika Project is also going to be completed this year. Both the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration and the Faculty of Law Enforcement are going to move to the Ludovika Campus, and thus the reconstruction of the Orczy Park will also commence.

András Patyi highlighted that the maintenance of water systems – including the operation of waterworks, flood and inland inundation protection, water administration tasks – requires a lot more professional experts than currently available.

Due to the strategic importance of water management, the Minister of Interior initiated that NUPS takes over the water management programs of the college in Baja. A single faculty is established from two institutes of the college. The faculty is going to offer environmental engineer and architect BA programs and engineering continuing education trainings (environment protection, water management, water economist, hydrography, water supply and irrigation, flood and inland inundation protection) as well. The seat of the Faculty is still going to be Baja, but later on further branches of the university – such as the Institute of Disaster Management and the Sustainable Resources Centre – will cooperate with the new faculty.

Furthermore, in the fall of this year and after decades of intermission, political sciences education is going to be relaunched in a modern form. This new master program will be similar to law studies by taking five years to complete and resulting in a doctoral title. It is also going to be a one of a kind program inHungary, as it gives direct opportunities to obtain executive positions in the public service system. Next to these, the range of programs also expands with Criminalistics (MA), Public Administration Manager with Specialisation in Tax Administration (BA) and a 4 year long Law Enforcement Management (MA).

Dr. Patyi also mentioned that most of the work in the Ludovika Project could be finished in 2017. The brand new educational building along Üllői way, the sports centre and the Faculty of Law Enforcement’s special training building and dormitory are all close to completion. Thus both faculties (the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration and the Faculty of Law Enforcement) currently situated in Buda, can move to the Ludovika Campus in the summer. The further fate of their building will be decided by the Hungarian National Asset Management Inc. and the Government. Developing the plans for moving the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training is the responsibility of Balázs Fürjes, Government Commissioner for High Priority Governmental Investments.

The historical reconstruction of the Orczy Park and its garden is also going to commence shortly. “The Disaster Management Training Centre is also going to be situated on the same campus” – told András Patyi, while highlighting that this building is constructed on the site of current industrial building in the park, thus it is not going to take away space from green areas, which are in fact going to be enlarged by the time the project ends. The university is going to provide further information on the areas affected to the local government of districts VIII. and IX. as well as the citizens of these districts.

Furthermore, the rector of NUPS explained that the development project concerning public administration and public service knowledge continues too. Scientific research, development of training materials and the further education of almost 80.000 civil servants in cooperation with 20 universities and colleges is all supported by the 29 billion HUF budged of the program.

Prof. Dr. Patyi, who has been entrusted with the leadership of NUPS for another 3 years, reminded us that NUPS celebrates its 5th birthday this year. He further stressed that joining the university, either as a student or as a lecturer, showcases a high level of commitment, because this profession requires service from the first minute to the last. Hence the motto of the university: “In service of the country”. The rector hopes that in the future more people will understand the significance of the institution, the fact that it is a university of cooperation, because “we could not achieve any program without out partners, the Hungarian Defence Force and governmental offices. International cooperation is really important too, as it aids the flow of knowledge and the improvement of Hungarian public service. András Patyi believes that more and more people trust the mission of NUPS: "That serving the country is an important matter."