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Redesign public administration education

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As of 1st of February 2016, the former Faculty of Public Administration continues to operate as the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration. The faculty has not only changed in name but in organizational structure as well: instead of 17 departments, ten departments and one research centre will offer courses for the students. The alterations mark the preparation of a new Master’s programme to be set forth in September 2017.

The renaming of the faculty is a milestone for NUPS on the way for becoming a university of State Sciences. The restructuring is not an end in itself but is in line with the legislative changes, as well as the objectives of the state reform programme, serving the strategic goals of the institution. In this regard, Act CXXXII of 2011 on the National University of Public Service and on the higher education in public administration, law enforcement and military sciences, has set higher education in public administration to a new course of development through the extension to “political sciences and public administration”.

In addition, the institutional development plan of NUPS, approved in 2015, emphasizes the role of the university as an innovative educational basis and as an innovative theatre of the epochal transformation of science and public service. Consequently, comprehensive researches on the state capable of relying on multidisciplinary, comparative and applicable approaches are at the core of the mission of NUPS.

Although all faculties of NUPS have been dealing with various areas of Political Sciences, their comprehensive review had been achieved at the Faculty of Public Administration. The new name of the faculty clearly distinguishes the two fields that are interrelated yet having differing orientation. The traditional “public administration” courses are not only supplemented but enhanced with courses in “the science of the state”.

The new educational and research tasks related to strengthening the position of the science of the state require a review of the faculty’s structure along with its more concentrated organization. Furthermore, in accordance with its future tasks, the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration is going to be enhanced with two research centres; the Tamás Molnár Research Centre and the Local Governance Research Centre.

The changes above reflect important developments, nevertheless, the renaming of the faculty does not affect the training programme of the 2016/2017 academic year and those interested in applying for the university can submit their application both for the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes through