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NUPS among strong universities of Europe

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The National University of Public Service (NUPS) participated at the 2015 Annual Conference of the European University Association (EUA) on 16 April in Antwerp. Having 850 members in 47 countries, EUA is the largest international organisation representing European universities.

In addition to representing universities in Europe, EUA serves as a forum for discussing common issues of its members along with contemporary issues of higher education policy and international cooperation. The 2015 Annual Conference dealt with models of members’ partnership relations as well as the experiences in social and economic cooperation. The agenda had a special focus on the harmonisation of R&D capacities with the real requirements of the public sector, the economy and local society.

EUA sets the model of the responsible university in the centre of its policy. State finance is under diversification in all countries throughout Europe. The organisation shares the best university strategies and practices of leadership with its member institutions. Furthermore, the European University Association includes the Council of Doctoral Education which serves as the engine for the mobility of young researchers and PhD students in Europe. The National University of Public Service became an individual full member of EUA in 2013.

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