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Shanghai-Budapest Work Plan 2015/2016

The Rector of the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL), Mr He Qinhua, and his delegation was welcomed by Dr. Gábor Kovács Vice-Rector for Education during their official visit to NUPS on the 18th of May. ECUPL is among the highest ranking universities for law and legal studies in China according to the Chinese Ministry of Education.

The co-operation between the two universities has a long-standing history, in June 2014 a joint conference was organised in Budapest titled „The Way Ahead in Public Service – Chinese and Hungarian Perspectives” that was followed by a joint workshop in similar topics organised in Shanghai in November of the same year. Based on the inter-institutional agreement between the two universities on student and staff mobility, Mr Zoltán Kiss lecturer of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training worked as a guest lecturer for a month at ECUPL in 2014. A professor from the Chinese university will also conduct an exchange programme in the autumn semester of 2015/2016 on the basis of reciprocity.

At the current meeting the two parties were negotiating further possibilities of co-operation in education and research with a special emphasis on public administration, law enforcement, international and martial law. ECUPL, that is one of the few universities in China with a joint master degree programme taught in English, expressed its willingness to accept students and lecturers from NUPS in the future as well. Law enforcement and migration is a possible field for co-operation both in terms of education and research as these topics enjoy special attention in both institutions. During the meeting the revival of student and academic mobility was also discussed since the new Erasmus+ international credit mobility programme provides a good platform for exchange programme between EU members and third countries.

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Students and lecturers of NUPS welcome in China

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Hungarian university students can travel to the People’s Republic of China while the National University of Public Service (NUPS) can host Chinese university citizens thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding recently signed by the leaders of NUPS and the East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL).

Founded in 1952 through the merger of nine university’s departments of law, political science and sociology (including one higher education institution established by Americans 140 years ago), ECUPL is considered among the finest universities in the People’s Republic of China focusing on law, political and public administration science. With 18 faculties, ECUPL has more than 21,000 students and 1,400 employees, and provides training and education on BA, MA and PhD level.

In accordance with their joint Memorandum of Understanding, NUPS and ECUPL intend to cooperate in the following areas: student and lecturer exchange programme, publications, sharing of best practices, joint research projects, scientific conferences and programmes. Both institutions can send and receive 4-4 students from BA and MA level each academic year, however, PhD students may also visit their respective partner institution in order to conduct research for a limited time. Under their cooperation, the universities’ students are exempt from paying tuition fees, however, all other related costs are to be covered by the students or their sending institution. Both sides intend to receive a researcher from their partner institution each academic year for up to a period of 4 weeks.

Professor Du Zhichun, President of the Doctoral School of ECUPL pointed out that there are several similarities between the two universities focusing on inter alia public administration science. According to the Professor, NUPS and ECUPL could have joint efforts in searching for solutions for the challenges present in both countries. Regarding the student exchanges, Professor Du Zhichun reminded that this method has proven to be a successful way of knowledge-transfer within the People’s Republic of China as well.