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Well-earned success of Pro Bono system at DISPA conference

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DISPA (Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration) meetings are held every six months in the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The general objective of the meeting is to promote various joint activities, develop common training programmes and projects, and exchange experience and best practices. The participants include the directors of public administration schools and institutes of the EU and other invited Central and Eastern European countries and representatives of international training organizations.

The topic of the actual DISPA meeting in Riga was „Objectives in contemporary Public Administration and the contribution of Training Institutions”.

The representative of the National University of Public Service at DISPA was Dr. Péter Princzinger, Director of the Institute of Executive Training and Continuing Education. In his presentation, Dr. Princzinger introduced the improved electronic training system of the Institute – the so-called “Pro Bono” system. The main pedagogical objective of the e-learning method is to provide education and to educate learners in the most effective and learner-centred way with clear understanding of the various topics. The most impressive and typical elements of the system are the user-friendly presentation of the materials, the self-evaluation tests and further extras in order to intensify the learning experience. Participants of the conference commented very positively the presentation, as well as congratulated for the development and expressed their will to get to know more about the programme.

NUPS and the Institute of Executive Training and Continuing Education has the strong intention to continue the development process of its capacities in the field of e-learning methodology and production with the aim of meeting the e-system and e-content needs and claims of the public sector in both short and long term.

The presentations of the event can be found in the following link:

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