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Cross-border IT development

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International cooperation is a defining component of university quality – emphasized Brigadier General Prof. Dr. József Padányi, Vice-Rector for Science of NUPS at the international DESTRIERO workshop while reviewing the significance of international tender opportunities in the academic and scientific activity of NUPS. The main theme of the event was based on a research aimed at developing a situation-assessing and decision-supporting instrument that could be utilized in overcoming the impacts of disasters and reconstructing infrastructures in a quick and cost-efficient way.

The workshop was chaired by (Pol.) Major General Prof. Dr. Frigyes Janza who reminded that the programme represents a greatly needed practical application due to the importance of the cooperation between the various fields of science. A member of the Governing Board of NUPS, Professor Janza emphasized that the programme touches upon the fields of IT, law enforcement sciences, military sciences, political sciences, public administration sciences and the science of governance and the state. With 45 years of experiences in the Ministry of Interior, Professor Janza concluded that those projects have been the most successful through which Hungarian regulations could conform to international standards.

In his presentation, Professor Padányi reviewed the major documents of development that play a defining role in the life of NUPS. The Vice-Rector reminded that the directions for the development of the university are determined by the Institutional Development Plan, adding that “as a university of cooperation, we consider all staff and student proposals for development”. Brigadier General Padányi also emphasized that in today’s world exclusively closing within the area of higher education and only focusing on a single discipline is a mistake. He reminded that “one of the indicators of quality education is the publication of new research results within lecture materials and lectures.

The leadership of NUPS has been looking for international opportunities for cooperation from the start, as the international dimension is a vital aspect of university quality”. Vice-Rector Padányi also pointed out that the ideas of research and development go through several filters and that the latest quality assurance system will be appropriate for linking resources to the researches that are of high value for the university from an educational standpoint. He reminded that there are several research areas where researchers of the university cannot work alone, as well as areas where all branches of public service are involved such as cyber defence, migration and disaster management.

The DESTRIERO project and the system itself were reviewed by Łukasz Szklarski and Elena Francioni. Both guests emphasized that the professional knowledge of NUPS is highly required and therefore experts of NUPS are invited to the research project. It was the Police Research Council that first received invitation to the consortium DESTRIERO who asked the experts of the Hungarian Police to test and evaluate the developed system and solutions.

The new generation situation-assessing and decision-supporting instrument would help the relevant government and civil organizations to synchronize their respective activities, to inform each-other about the content, location and timing of their respective planned activities through a practical IT interface. Hence the system can assist the participants in efficiently utilizing their respective resources.

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