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H.E. Juraj Chmiel at Ludovika

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The ambassador of the Czech Republic to Budapest, H.E. Juraj Chmiel was the guest of the first Ambassador’s Forum at Ludovika within the academic year 2015/16 held on 30 September 2015. In his opening speech, beginning in Hungarian, His Excellency summarized the programme of Czech Republic who holds the presidency in the Visegrad Group from 1 July 2015 until 30 June 2016.
His Excellency Juraj Chmiel mentioned the thought of fellowship and the enhancement of relations among V4 states as the primary mission in which the International Visegrad Fund enjoys a central role. The main tasks include the countries’ cooperation in energy which is to be realized in accordance with EU directives. The Czech Presidency offers two exclusive conferences dealing with the secure, competitive and sustainable energy market.
Nevertheless, His Excellency also reminded that cooperation is of enormous importance in the area of external relations as well. Firstly, we should open to the countries of the West-Balkans as well as to Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine while strengthening French, German and American relations. Furthermore, the defence policies of the respective V4 states should be synchronized, the importance of which greatly increases in light of the current issue of migration. In addition to practical strategic considerations, cyber security aspects should also be taken into account in the future.
The ambassador emphasized that if the Visegrad countries engage together within the European Union, local political considerations receive more space and regional interests could be realized more effectively. His Excellency also reflected upon the importance of cooperation in the issues of infrastructure and economy, pointing out that in order to increase the success in investments, joint action should be made in the exchange of experiences, the protection of investments and the actions against tax fraud.
The ambassador’s speech was followed by a roundtable discussion with György Varga, Deputy Executive Director of the International Visegrad Fund and Dr. Iván Halász, Head of the Department of European and Comparative Public Law at the Faculty of Public Administration of NUPS. During the conversation, the participants talked about the migration quota system, the obligation for reception and the defence of external EU borders, however, the series of events commemorating the 25th anniversary of the V4 was also discussed.
After the discussions, the event’s host, Dr. Boglárka Koller, Vice-Dean for Scientific and International Affairs at the Faculty of International and European Studies of NUPS invited the guests to the gallery where they could visit the photo exhibition of Václav Hynčík titled “Pilsen, the Royal City – European Capital of Culture 2015”. The exhibition is on display from 30 September until 14 October 2015.