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CEFME hosted by NUPS

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On 4 November 2015 the Central European Forum on Military Education (CEFME) held its annual meeting in Budapest. As the role of the host was taken up by the National University of Public Service, the main leaders of the Austrian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Polish military academies gathered in the Ludovika building’s Hunyadi rooms. First in line to greet the representatives was Dr. Norbert Kis Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs. In his speech, he stressed the fact what an honour it was for NUPS to host the event as it is within the university’s intentions to serve as an exemplary model for other institutions of higher education. Providing a uniquely integrated training for its students, by introducing a compulsory BA module about public service, NUPS has opened the “university of cooperation” for both military and civilian undergraduates.

Major General Prof. Bogusław Pacek, Rector-Commandant of the National Defence University in Warsaw, also addressed the importance of cooperation. Summing up his experiences regarding the 2014-15 Polish presidency, he welcomed the results of the rectors’ meeting held in Warsaw last year. Among other joyful novelties, a favourable outcome was that the Erasmus+ programme became available for military students, the central website of CEFME was launched, and the organization joined the NATO DEEP programme focusing on the improvement of military education. Following his speech, Agnieszka Legucka Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the National Defence University of Warsaw reported on last year’s student conference which had two NUPS delegates. Although the event was considered a huge success, she said that the end of the conference brought about a break in the international activities. One lucky circumstance contradicting the lessening tendency was the publication of NUPS-student Bálint Störk’s study in the Security and Defense Quarterly, the scientific journal of the CEFME countries. Brigadier General Rudolf Urban, Vice-Rector for External Relations at the University of Defence in Brno shared the said views. He also added that better information transfer between the CEFME partners is needed for the improvement of the organization. As he said, its vision, mission, and responsibilities have to be clarified.

Last to be called to the microphone by the chair of the forum, Colonel Dr. Gábor Boldizsár, Dean at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, was Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Rector of the National University of Public Service. After thanking the trust of the colleagues, he touched back on the opening lines of Norbert Kis and added that NUPS is not showing the only way ahead, but providing a model to learn from. In the presence of the Rector, as the closing of the event, the CEFME presidency was formally handed over: the organization shall keep running under the governance of Croatia next year.

Text: Dorottya Pétery
Photos: Dénes Szilágyi

Officer candidates at the international conference of CEFME countries

The Armed Forces Academy of General Milan Rastislav Štefánik in the Slovak Republic hosted the Central European Forum on Military Education (CEFME) scientific conference for students on 21-23 May 2014.

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The international event was held with the participation of students from the Czech Republic, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Poland, Romania and Hungary – the latter represented by Mónika Kutasi and Bernadett Szabó fourth and third year officer candidates at the National University of Public Service (NUPS). In addition, the delegation was led by Dr. József Németh senior lecturer of NUPS. The event had altogether 47 participants enrolled in 5 sections.

The officer candidates held their presentations mainly in English on the 2nd of May with the students of NUPS participating in the sections focusing on social sciences and national and international security that included presentations in 14 different topics. Although our students were not awarded, their performances were of high standard and met the criteria against written and oral presentations.

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At the dinner organized for the students, Prof. Dr. Boris ĎURKECH brigadier general congratulated the international participants for their fruitful efforts. The event ended with a trip to the Demänoská Cave where students could view beautiful dripstones and were acquainted with the history of Lipótszentmiklós.

Overall, our officer candidates returned with lots of experience that could further strengthen their future career. Next year’s conference will be held by the Republic of Croatia where the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training of NUPS will once again be represented.