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NUPS-CAG Joint Workshop at Ludovika Campus

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Representatives of the National University of Public Service (NUPS) and the Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG) were examining the issues and impacts of current public administration reforms in Hungary and the People’s Republic of China at the joint NUPS-CAG Workshop held on 20-25 May 2014 at the Ludovika Campus of NUPS.

In their respective speeches, Chen Li, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Governance and Dr. Norbert Kis, Vice-rector for Continuing education and International Affairs at NUPS, reminded about the good relationship of the two institutions and emphasized the importance of future cooperation. The presentations of the workshop focused inter alia on public service management and the innovation of public administration. The information gathered during the workshop will be incorporated in the curricula’s development process, however, the workshop was also a great opportunity for lecturers and PhD students of NUPS to display their scientific research and create long-term professional relations.

The event was realized under the project “Knowledge-based public service advancement” within the State Reform Operative Programme 2.2.21.