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Cyber-Security Academy at NUPS

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The issue of cyber-security has been a topic of discussion at NUPS for years. The Cyber-Security Academia, founded in March, is going to synchronise all the various branches of academic education and research in this field and now the professional directing organisation of the academy was established.

Russian hackers breached the IT systems of the Danish Ministry of Defence (Forsvarsministeriet) last year as well as the year before, and thereby gained access to the emails of the employees of the Danish Ministry of Defence. Since such news emerge almost daily in both national and international mediums, the question of cyber-security is an increasingly important part of national security. The Hungarian Government has also taken steps towards cyber-security and the organisation of such training programs is the task of the National University of Public Service. The courses were started based on the information security law passed in 2013, and more than 150 public service executives, experts, contributors, and employees have successfully finished these programs since. The issues has also been taught and researched at the faculties of the university, and this academy is going to synchronise all the various resources in this field starting March.

During opening ceremony Csaba Krasznay – program director – has said that there are only a few people in Hungary, who have up-to-date information in this field. That is why the training programs that already exist at the University have to be developed and extended to include a wider array of public servants. It was also mentioned that there is knowledge transfer in this field on all faculties of NUPS and at all levels or tertiary education, from BA to PhD level. Cyber warfare and military IT systems defence is taught at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training, cybercrime and crime prevention is taught at the Faculty of Law Enforcement, the Faculty of International and European Studies deals with the international aspects while trainings are centred around information security at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration. According to Csaba Krasznay, the Faculty of Water Sciences, which became part of the University recently, can join the work as well, since water management and critical infrastructure all use many IT resources, so this field is a target of cyberattacks too.

Frigyes Janza (ret.) pol. major-general, who spoke at the event as well, warned the audience that it is not just an academic problem, but concerns the whole society and thus the training of the Academy has to be organised accordingly.

Csaba Krasznay supported this remark, and underlined that in practice the entire Hungarian society has to be prepared to fend off cyberattacks. It in the basic interest of everybody to use the Internet and IT services safely.

Prof. Dr. András Nemeslaki, head of the Institute of E-Government at the Faculty of Political Sciences and Public Administration, told the audience that cyber-security almost seems like a topic tailor-made for NUPS, since all training end research institutes are able to join the work. “Establishing the Academy is a really promising initiative. We can hopefully also broaden our international relations with this program too”, concluded professor Nemeslaki.