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Nomination for UNESCO’s Prize

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According to the proposal of the National University of Public Service (NUPS) the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Science was nominated for the recognized Avicenna Prize. Our university strongly believes that the Library and the Collection of Hungarian Scientific Works are considered so complex and transparent that makes them notable for the UNESCO’s Prize. The Hungarian National UNESCO Committee supported the NUPS with regard to the nomination.

NPUS is committed for an ethical scientific cooperation among the Hungarian and international players of higher education, and the proposal is proof of our cooperative, fair spirit. It also draws the attention of the international community through UNESCO to the achievements of the Hungarian Science.

The Prize was established by the Executive Board of UNESCO on the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2003. It owes its name to the renowned 11th-century physician and philosopher of Persian origin known in Europe as Avicenna (980-1037). A healer and a humanist, Avicenna developed an exemplary holistic approach that captures the essence of ethics in science and has thus come to serve as a source of inspiration for the promotion of this concern within UNESCO.

This Prize, awarded every two years, is intended to reward the activities of individuals and groups in the field of ethics for science. It consists of a gold medal of Avicenna along with a certificate, honorarium and a one-week academic visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The visit is to include the delivery of speeches in the relevant academic events, organized for this purpose by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.