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Summer School about State and Governance

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The latest summer school, organised by Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration at the National University of Public Service in cooperation with the Faculty of Law at the Ruhr-Universität in Bochum has been launched on the 21st of August, 2017.

The program is financed by the PADOP 2.1.2. in accordance with the cooperation agreement signed by the two institutes. This summer school is the fourth of its kind held by the National University of Public Service this year.

State and Governance in a Comparative Historical Context is the theme of the course, where 21 students of both the Ruhr-Universität and NUPS. The participants can attend lectures by Dr. Zsuzsanna Peres, associate professor from NUPS’s side, and by Dr. Judit Beke-Martos, director of the International Relations Centre at the Faculty of Law, and the leader of the English language law education from Ruhr-Universität’s side.

The summer school focuses mostly on comparative state and law history, and they also analyse the development of the public service models in Western Europe, Hungary and the United States as well. Historical examples may answer some of the questions of nowadays’ governance issues too. Examples such as the British state model, the French monarchy, and the German states’ state and governance development, the younger, experience-based state model of the Unites States, and the lessons learnt from the  public service systems developed based on different social conditions could place the workings of the current Western European, Hungarian and American public service into a different perspective. It is equally vital for future decision makers, public servants and lawyers to know the past, since ensuring a decision making that considers all aspects is only possible this way.

The summer school places special importance on introducing the state and juridical system of the United States, since the program of the summer school is part of the Anglo-American Law & Language certificate program in Bochum. The students of NUPS can take this course as a free to pick and choose English language subject.