World Council for Curriculum and Instruction’s (WCCI) 17th Conference on Education

The National University of Public Service (NUPS) contributes to the World Council for Curriculum and Instruction’s (WCCI) 17th Conference on Education held in Hungary from 10-15 July 2016 under the theme “Educating for Democratic Governance and Global Citizenship”. The event enjoyed the participation of more than 200 experts from all around the world. From the Hungarian side, the conference was jointly organized by NUPS and the University of Pécs.

Ethiopian delegation at NUPS

A delegation consisting of Ethiopian officials visited NUPS. In addition to the exchange of thoughts, the purpose of the Ethiopian visit was to create a basis for further cooperation, including mutual aid with the Mekelle University. The African visit was not only important for the National University of Public Service, but for the whole nation as it aligned with the government strategy of “Opening to the South”.

Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2016

It was the main theme of this year’s conference to explore how ICT can act as an enabler for these governance models. How can IT contribute to that goal? What are the chances and the risks of the use of ICT to promote a European system of Multi-Level e-Governance? What are the best practices which could serve as a model for the development of such a system? This conference addressed public sector practitioners and policy makers, industry professionals and academia alike. The disciplines covered are primarily information sciences, law and administrative science, political science, sociology and economics.

Conference on "Gaullism: the role of the state, law and national sovereignty in modern European democracies"

The National University of Public Service - in joint cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Századvég Foundation - organized the international conference on "Gaullism: the role of the state, law and national sovereignty in modern European democracies". Regarded as the founder of modern France, the political concepts and views of Gen. Charles de Gaulle made it possible for France to survive its contemporary crisis and to build her future on solid and democratic political foundations. The late French President's principles remain topical and worth of reviewing today, therefore, the aim of the conference was to initiate a social thinking on Gaullism among French and Hungarian members of academic, political and civic life.


International Scientific Conference “COMMUNICATION 2015”

The Signal Department at the National University of Public Service, Faculty of Military Sciences and Officers Training (Budapest, Hungary) in cooperation with the Communications, Information Systems and Information Security Directory of the Hungarian Defence Forces General Staff and with the Scientific Association for Infocommunications organize the International Scientific Conference “COMMUNICATION 2015” which was held on 11th November 2015 at the Stefania Palace.

AEPC Conference and Governing Board Session

The Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC), in co-operation with the National University of Public Service and the International Traning Centre at the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, organized its annual conference and Governing Board Session between 4-6 October 2015 in Budapest. The theme of the conference was "Law Enforcement Training: from certification to Master Education and Doctoral Programme".

IPMN 2015 Conference

The Ludovika Campus of NUPS hosted the first in the annual series of conferences of the International Public Management Network (IPMN) on 1st September 2015. Professor Dr. György Kiss, Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration welcomed the 30 renown international experts who held altogether 25 presentations in public management throughout the four-day event. The explicit purpose of the programme was to provide a forum where researchers dealing with relevant theories could meet with experts working in public management, as all of their efforts are aimed at the same goal, said Dr. Clay Wescott, President of IPMN at the ceremonial gala dinner. Professor Wescott added that development and efficient leadership can only be achieved through the synchronization of theory and practice.

Annual Conference of TPC

NUPS was the host and main organiser of the 2015 Conference of the Transatlantic Policy Consortium. With “Rethinking Public Governance” as its theme, the event focused on global security challenges, state and administrative capacity building and multidisciplinary studies. The conference was co-organised with Indiana University (US) and the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer.

ESDC Cyber Course

NUPS organised an international course focusing on Cyber Security Defence within the framework of the ESDC. The three day event had participants from all across the EU and a group of speakers ranging from experts from EU member states, the European External Action Service, the European Defence Agency to representatives from the private sector.

CEEE Gov Days 2015

Time for a European Internet?: With speakers arriving from 20 countries, the 2015 Central and Eastern European e-Dem and e-Gov Days served as a forum for debating the concept of “Europeanized” Internet with its political, technical and legal challenges and with special attention on inter alia privacy and data protection, transparency and anti-corruption and the concept of “Smart Cities”.


ENA conference on State Modernisation

NUPS hosted the international conference “State Modernisation and State Reform” jointly organised with the École National d’Administration (ENA) and the Embassy of the French Republic in Budapest. ENA is one of the most important partners of NUPS with several joint projects and high-standard conferences.

Euro-Atlantic Summer University

Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of Hungary’s NATO accession, NUPS and the Hungarian Defence Forces organised the 15th Euro-Atlantic Summer University. The accredited programme primarily focused on the theory and practice of crisis management and the current challenges ahead of NATO

NISPAcee conference

The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe held its 22nd annual conference in Budapest co-organised by NUPS. The event focused inter alia on public administration career and training, e-government, good governance and received over 350 participants from 41 countries.

Series of Workshops with Chinese Partners

Public administration reform, HR management in public service, ethics, integrity and the fight against corruption were among the main topics of the university’s joint conferences with the Chinese Academy of Governance, the Minzu University of China and the East China University of Political Science and Law respectively.

Africa Summit

High-ranking political and administrative leaders of sub-Saharan countries visited NUPS and participated at a conference on Hungarian public service reform. As a result of the vibrant consultations, NUPS initiated its partnership with the Ethiopian Civil Service University.