Ludovika Residence Hall

For students applying to the Faculty of Public Administration and Political Sciences or the Faculty of International and European Studies

1089 Budapest, Orczy út 1.

Double room: 30 000 HUF/month/student

Equipments of the dormitory:

- common kitchen
- common laundry room


-vending machines
- inner garden
- wi-fi

Rooms: there are are apartments designed for four people consisting of two double rooms, a shared toilet and a shared bathroom. The apartments are equipped with a fridge, a microwave owen, bedlinen and a bedside table and desk for each student.

NOTE: the dormitory does not offer single rooms for students. Only double rooms are available.

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Dormitory of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training

For students applying to the Military Leadership or the Military Logistics and Maintenance Modules

1101 Budapest, Hungária krt. 9-11.

ONLY for the students coming from the partner institutions of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training.  For these students the accomodation is 12.000 HUF/month and places are limited.


Dormitory of the Faculty of Law Enforcement

For students applying to the Law Enforcement Module

1121 Budapest, Farkasvölgyi u. 12.

ONLY for the students studying at the Faculty of Law Enforcement.